$29.99 IPhone Battery Replacement

Did you miss out on apple’s discounted battery replacement program?  Don’t worry, I-Caramba has you covered!

offer ends 1/31/19

Are you a victim of #batterygate or #iphoneslow? Did you miss out on apples discounted battery replacement program? Don’t worry, I-Caramba has you covered!

According to Apple, As your battery ages it may run into issues running power hungry apps and tasks causing it to shut down. In order to prevent this apple throttles processor speed and power causing your phone to slow down.

Apple’s battery replacement program has ended, but I-caramba will replace your aging iphone battery for the same discounted price of 29.99

Give us a call at 1-800-811-1826 and schedule an appointment today!

* excludes iPhone models X, XR, XS
* offer expires 1/31/19