Summer Splashes leave your device damaged? How to save your phone or devices life after you drop it in water. Everything you need to know. –

Fun in the Sun = Water damage for some.
With summertime upon us, many of us are headed out for some fun in the sun. As thousands of us head to the BBQ’s, beaches and pools ready to make a splash, many of us, will fall victim to water damage. All smartphones & devices, even the “water resistant” ones, all share the risks of getting damaged if exposed to water. The good news is that water damage is not the end of your device. If you drop or immerse your device in water, DON’T WAIT, give us a call ASAP here at I-Caramba and we will help save your device.

At I-Caramba, we like to keep our customers informed. So, in case you encounter water damage this summer, here is a guide to get you through it.

If your device gets dropped or immersed in water, here is what to do.

Turn off the device.
Remove your SIM Card and SD card if you can.

Use a dry cloth to remove as much as the water as you can.


Charge or turn on the device. If it is on, turn off your device right away to prevent short-circuiting.

Never, ever use a blow dryer or oven to dry your device, you may push water into the board or damage your device further.

Do not shake your device, you may push water into other parts of the device and again, cause more damage.

Do not press any buttons or perform any actions.

Do not bury or cover your device in rice, contrary to popular belief, all rice will do is ruin your charger port.

Note* saltwater = corrosion, if your device is exposed to saltwater, call us ASAP. Saltwater will cause the rate of corrosion to exponentially increase. Saltwater is also conductive which may also increase the chances of short-circuiting.

Why take your water damaged device at I-Caramba
We are no strangers to treating water damaged devices here at I-Caramba. There are two important factors to consider when you bring your device to a repair shop to treat water damage. First, you want to choose a place that is familiar with treating water damaged devices. Second, if the tech does not open up and disassemble the device, they are either not experienced or not serious about treating your device for water damage (or both).

How Does I-Caramba Treat Water Damaged Devices?
First, we will open up the device and disconnect the battery. Next, we will disassemble the device and take out the motherboard. Then we will put the motherboard in an ultrasonic chemical bath to remove corrosion. We then clean out the connectors and air dry the device.

After inspecting the device and it’s individual components, we will reassemble the device and test the functionality of features and components. We will also inspect the battery, if it was damaged, we would recommend or offer to change it out. Once the testing is complete, we reassemble the device.

How Long Does This Process Take?
The average time this repair will take is between 30 minutes to an hour. Depending on the level of corrosion damage on your device, we may have to run it through another bath to save it’s life. So, some repairs will take longer. The quicker you get the device into the shop, the higher the chances of saving it.

Please, remember that no electronic device is fully waterproof. Even with water-resistant devices, resistance depends on the depth at which it is immersed into water, and the duration of time its placed into water. At I-caramba, we have saved the lives of many water damaged devices. Some of those devices were from customers who brought their device to the Apple store and were told that their devices couldn’t be fixed. Saving your device depends on what you do after it’s immersed in water and how quickly you take it in to be repaired.

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