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We repair most hardware problems for Apple and Android smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Please call ahead for a free quote and to make sure we stock your part. Following is a list of items that we repair:

  • Screen / Digitizer
  • Home Button
  • Charging Port
  • Headphone Jack
  • Volume Switch
  • Power Button
  • Vibrate Button
  • Ear Speaker
  • Camera
  • Proximity Sensor
  • Battery Replacement
  • Back Glass Replacement

Depends....... Most services can be done while you wait, depending on the device and part availability. Average repair is one hour. Some devices, such as specialty phones, tablets and laptops may take 24-48 hours especially if a part has to be special ordered. Please call ahead for details.

Currently we service the San Francisco Bay Area. That includes San Francisco County, Alameda County, Oakland, and Contra Costa County to Highway 4 at 680. .

Call our service center at 1-800-811-1826. We often make trips to Northern California up the I-80 and I-5 corridors. We also have MAIL IN service. Call ahead for a quote, ship your device to our headquarters in the San Francisco Bay area and we will repair your phone and ship it back out to you within 48 hours.

Yes, all parts are included in price. You also have the option of providing the part to us and we will charge you labor only. However, if you choose to provide the part, please be sure that it is the correct part for your device and you purchased a high-quality part from a reputable vendor. We do not warranty or guarantee parts that you purchase on the internet or from a third party will work on your device.

In most cases, repairing your device is cheaper than purchasing a new one. Even if you have insurance, your carrier may require a minimum deductible to upgrade your phone. Did you know that most carriers will not trade in broken phones and may require you to repair it prior to an upgrade? You also should consider the cost of a new case and accessories.

Call 1-800-811-1826 or email appointments@i-Caramba.com to schedule a same day appointment. Drop off your device to any i-Caramba Mobile Store, pick up a loaner phone, and keep doing whatever your doing! We will give you a call when your phone is repaired.

You betcha! One of our i-Caramba mobile repair vans will come to you. Now that’s convenience. Whether you’re at home, work, or hanging out with friends, just call for 1-800-811-1826 or email appointments@i-Caramba.com to schedule a same day appointment.

All repairs are warranted for 90 days. The warranty covers defective parts and your phone must be tested to determine the cause of malfunction. Warranty does not cover cracked/shattered screens, water damage or physical damage of any kind.

Yes, we accept all major credit cards.